Ariadne joins with Abbey theatre for international Symposium in 2015 - September 2014

ARIADNE is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, co-curating an international symposium on ‘Theatre of War’. Second in a trilogy of annual international symposiums in Ireland, 'Theatre of War' looks at aspects of creativity whilst fused in a framework of crisis and conflict, past and present. 

We are very pleased to say that all six of ARIADNE's initial profiled theatremakers from Rwanda, Burundi, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Colombia and Palestine, will join us in Dublin for the symposium, to present their work and take part in panel discussions.  They will join a stellar line-up of theatre artists from Ireland and around the world, all together to dig deep into the world of theatre and art created in times of war. 




Women making theatre in war study launched - April 2014

A new project is to investigate the women making theatre in places of conflict across the world. University of Manchester’s In Place of War, Manchester Alumna, theatre director and BBC radio producer Susannah Tresilian and filmmaker Georgie Weedon of Gingerwink Films, launch ARIADNE with a first mission to Rwanda and Burundi.



Announcing Ariadne - March 2014

London, Kigali and Bujumbura, Women across the world are making theatre either because of the wars they have lived through, or in spite of those wars.  We want to find out their stories. Theatre director and BBC radio producer Susannah Tresilian joined together with filmmaker Georgie Weedon of Gingerwink Films, and In Place of War, to launch ARIADNE, with a first mission to Rwanda and Burundi.  Whilst there they will be meeting with Hope Azeda - theatre director based in Kigali, Rwanda - and Frédérique leComte - Belgian theatre director based in Bujumbura, Burundi.  Tresilian and Weedon will be allowed unprecedented access to their work and their theatrical process.  They will conduct in-depth interviews to find out how they work, where they work, why they work, and what their work means to them.


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